Dave’s Movie Reviews : AVATAR

16 01 2010

We Lost a lot of Good Men in James Cameron’s Avatar

Dave //   your parents seventy year old neighbor

I for one must thank Mr. James Cameron for opening up America’s eyes.  A lot of people are down on our country these days and war films usually portray our country in a negative light.  His new film Avatar was a breath of fresh air. The use of 3-D technology to show how bravely our American marines fought and died was an absolute stroke of genius.

Thousands of our soldiers died in service of their country.  Yes, they wanted that sweet Unobtanium, but what they wanted more was peace.  Sadly, those ignorant giant blue things would have none of it.  If they would have just listened and not fought back a lot of them could have had careers in the NBA or the WNBA.  These blue people were really tall and seemed pretty athletic.

I must mention the traitors.  Jake Sulley, that rat bastard, turned on his country and his fellow soldiers the moment he got a piece of blue ass.  That’s sex addiction 101 folks.  Then there was Sigourney Weaver and that nerdy guy.  Disgusting.  Their holier than though attitude cost the lives of countless marines and would subsequently lead to the destruction of The United States of America and planet Earth.  Also, there was that Mexican lady played by Michelle Rodriguez.  I guess I wasn’t that surprised by her betrayal because she wasn’t a real American.  I cheered when her character died.

Of course the saddest part of the film, and its emotional climax, was when traitor Jake Sulley killed Col. Miles Quartich.  The Colonel was one of the bravest soldiers I’ve ever seen.  He fought valiantly against those blue things and almost saved the world.  He was even clever enough to hide a giant knife inside his robotic killing machine.  He was a true patriot.  I applaud Mr. Cameron for using Quartich’s character as a metaphor for the importance of supporting American imperialism.

So again, thank you James Cameron.  You really made me think and I will never take this country for granted again. USA! USA! USA!




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