Mike’s Rant o.1

5 06 2010

Anyone that knows me knows that deep down I have a very soft heart, you just have to enter through my butt to get to it. Shhh. That’s a secret. But one thing that was bothering my butt the other day was when I was at the ATM and I saw a cute, earthy girl leaving the grocery store.

From afar, she seemed like a very nice girl. I say that mostly because she was smiling and in my remedial social skills library that means you’re nice. She was dressed in earth tones and high socks with ballerina shoes as she pushed her cart to the end of the shopping center’s parking lot. It was then that she took her groceries out of the cart, which were in reuseable grocery bags – you know the kind, green, mesh looking, with some kind of whitty phrase about recycling and saving the environment on the side – “Carry me, stay Green” or “Care, be Aware.” (Of course, when you use the plastic grocery bags for your cat’s litter box, who seriously shits more than me, you’re caring too.)

As she walked away, probably to her nearby apartment, and crossed the street with her home spun dress and her earth-saving bags in hand, I’m sure she was very proud of herself, and rightfully so. But here’s the problem folks, as she crossed the street, I realized that she had pushed her cart to the very edge of the parking lot, basically to the edge of the street, not leaving it in, or even close to, the designated cart return area. Blatantly ignoring the rules of common decency and humanity.

It’s not like I’m a saintly sort, but I’m also not the kind of person that forgets that some poor schlub has to gather these carts and wheel them back to the front of the store. Anyone that has ever seen someone do this knows what a pain in the ass it is and how unwieldy a line of about thirty carts can be.

So, rather than take the second it would normally take to return the cart to it’s designated spot and carry her bags an extra twenty feet, she felt it was acceptable to leave the cart in an open parking space, by the road, for someone else to go out of their way to handle, as she went strolling on her merry little way, saving the environment one plastic bag at a time. Not only that, but since she was local enough to be walking, one has to assume that she does this on a regular basis, a repeat and consistent offender.

I find it intriguing that a person can be conscience of their affect on the environment around them and care enough to have reuseable bags, but yet be so inconsiderate of the common man (or woman) that was forced to do extra work because of their laziness. How is it possible to “think” on a global scale – every bag matters – and yet ignore what is staring you dead in the face, literally the faces of the employees at your local grocery store.




One response

25 06 2010

These types of shopping cart shenanigans are in my Top 3 Things That Routinely Enrage Me list.

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