Six Signs You Have World Cup Fever

22 06 2010

1 -You refer to soccer as “the beautiful game” and you imagine enjoying it with these fans…

But you end up spending most of your time with this fan…

2-You keep telling your girlfriend about the World Cup’s global importance.  You call it “The World’s Game” and refer to the NFL as American Football.  After two days of this she dumps you.  You’re forced to move into a local Motel 6. Adding insult to injury the Motel 6 doesn’t get ESPN 2 and you won’t be able to watch North Korea v Ivory Coast. This is what you look like now…

3-After searching far and wide for your “futbol” kindred spirit you  find one. Unfortunately, he’s Canadian. You end up hanging out with him anyway. Here’s your new friend…

4-Things with the Canadian don’t work out so you decide to move to London and be closer to soccer’s epicenter. You end up sharing a studio apartment with this guy. And the answer to your question is “yes”.  You both the share the same bed.

5-You attend your first live soccer game. Sadly, you get the shit kicked out of you by this fan…

6-After getting beat up by that kid you muster up the fortitude to attend another match.  At halftime you go to the restroom, but you get stage fright because you keep getting checked out by these guys…





2 responses

22 06 2010
Patrick Rifle Mucha

Nice article guy.

Very well-researched and great insight and accurate analysis. My only suggestion is to place your punctuation marks inside of the quotations next time.

Great Job!


25 05 2012

, part of the plan for subsequent shows is to get more hihger-quality puppeteers (who I already have lined up) and also to help the other puppeteers get better with some workshops. Way too much talking? I’m not sure why that’s a negative: that’s the kind of show that it is. I’m a talkative person, so my show is going to reflect that. Part of the practical limitations of a show like this is that I’m building the entirety of the world, and can’t rely on existing structures. As such, yeah, that means that the physical action available to us is less. Also, the puppets are only from the waist up, and don’t have operable hands, which limits the physical actions they can undertake. It’s something I think of as a problem, absolutely, but it’s not stemming from a poor choice in any narrative or directorial sense, but rather from the constraints of the puppets and sets. This is the best that I could’ve done, given the circumstances.Which episodes did you watch, out of curiosity? I mentioned the length as being something I know turns people off, but as I think I mentioned in the episode, it’s a conscious choice of mine. I’m choosing to make a longer show because that’s what I want to watch. I want the more involved character and story-lines. I want weightier scripts. I would like to think, in my naive way, that if I put out a show that assumes everyone has that attention span, then the people with that attention span will find it.(That isn’t to impugn those without that span, no matter how sad it makes me; people get used to seeing things in a certain context, and at a certain length, and it becomes less of a consideration to view different types of things)The second season will have slightly shorter episodes, and my goal is to structure it better. The hops is to be able to find the length that requires the least compromise from me, yet brings in the largest number of viewers.As for the improv class, it’s something I’ve looked into, and will probably be doing. Why do you suggest a writing class? Not to denigrate any of the people who’ve helped out with the show and they kick several types of ass but I happen to think, despite my stated desires to increase the quality of the writing, that the writing was the best part.I’ve had my eye on the O’Neill Puppetry Conference, as it looks quite cool. Didn’t get the chance to apply last year, but hopefully will do this year.No worries about sounding harsh; the point of this show is to lay bare the process, and to plainly state the things I need and want to improv. Thanks for the feedback.

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