NFL Nicknames

16 08 2010

1) Beanie “Doo Doo” Wells

"Doo Doo" is introduced to the world.

Beanie originally hated this nickname, but has since come to love it because it’s true. This guy eats a shit ton of fiber.

2) Antonio “Enemy At The” Gates

“Enemy At The” goes for 6.
His favorite movie.

Yes, “Enemy At The” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but don’t tell that to Antonio “Enemy At The” Gates. He’ll throw your ass to the ground and then go on a five minute rant about how Enemy At The Gates was totally underappreciated and how history will eventually prove it was a truly excellent film.

3) Keith “Real Good” Zinger

"Real Good" at Falcons practice.

“Real Good” got his nickname because he’s known for his practical jokes, also known as “zingers.” In the picture above it appears that “Real Good” is going to be on the receiving end of a zinger. He’s completely unaware, but a football is about to hit him in the head! Hilarious. He’ll get that person back, though. Maybe the old standard of Icy Hot in the jock strap or a couple well placed “Yo Momma” jokes will do the trick.

4) Dre’ “Catcher in the” Bly

"Catcher In The" gets an interception.

Dre’ has always identified with Holden Caulfield. They’re both anti-heroes and hate phonies. Their main difference is that when “Catcher In The” Bly gets a prostitute he always has sex with her. He never “just wants to talk” because that would be a huge waste of money and just plain weird.

5) Ross “Dream” Weaver

"Dream" from back in his Michigan St. days.

Ross “Dream” Weaver got his nickname this Summer after signing with the Miami Dolphins. Chad Pennington, noted Wayne’s World enthusiast and quarterback, gave the nickname upon his first meeting with Weaver. Pennington, when asked, said, “I’d be doing myself, this team, and the entire Wayne’s World community a disservice by not pushing for Ross ‘Dream’ Weaver.

Feel free to post in the comments any nicknames we may have missed. We strive for perfection here at CCTT.




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