CCTT’s New Sponsor: The Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Band

18 08 2010

Country Come To Town Productions is thrilled to announce our new sponsor, The Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Band. Every respectable website needs a flagship sponsor and we at CCTT are very proud to be associated with such a high quality and necessary product. Since the early 1960s Chi Chi has been synonymous with comedy and youth culture. As CCTT is a purveyor of both, it makes our new partnership with The Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Band a perfect fit.

This no ordinary energy band. The excellent commercial, which can be seen above, demonstrates its multi-purpose appeal. Answering the phone? You better put on that energy band. Jogging while wearing a head band? You better put on that energy band. Also, as Chi Chi proves, it can really help your golf game!

The Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Band enhances your body’s natural harmonies. This may sound vague, but CCTT Productions assures you it’s not. Remember that the Energy Band’s slogan is, “It’s copper, it’s magnetic, it’s fashion.” The copper gives your body some nice weight and helps you maintain some stability. You can’t be in harmony without stability. The magnetism pulls at the iron in your blood, which ensures proper circulation. If your blood doesn’t flow properly you can’t be in harmony. The Energy Band also makes you look really cool and you definitely can’t be in true harmony unless you’re up to date with the current Energy Band fashion trends.

As you can tell we are absolutely delighted about our new sponsor. CCTT founding member Chris Tergliafera said, “CCTT couldn’t have found a better sponsor. Chi Chi is a great man and the Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Band is an excellent product. I look forward to wearing it at work, at the gym, and definitely on dates. Especially first dates where I really want to make a good impression.”

Make sure to check out Chi Chi’s charity as well. The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation (pron. Chi Chi Rodriguez Youf Foundation). We don’t have any money, but if we did we would certainly consider a donation. Each dollar donated goes to helping poor children get Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Bands.

We are really proud of this new partnership and, if you were wondering, when Chi Chi Rodriguez signs a contract he does the “sword” thing with his pen.




2 responses

18 08 2010

I can’t wait for Chi Chi’s energizing cock ring to come out!

18 08 2010

That might be fun for you personally Defunder, but CCTT is a family website and could not associate itself with the aforementioned product. While we are firm believers in personal liberty, we do not see it as our place to promote products of an “adult” nature. Good luck to your future!

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