CCTT Speculates on TNT’s RIZZOLI & ISLES

19 08 2010

We at CCTT have yet to watch RIZZOLI & ISLES, but we’re pretty sure we know how it works. That’s why we’ve included an excerpt below.


RIZZOLI, 34, wears a conservative pants suit and has her hair pulled back tightly. She plows through paper work on her desk as ISLES, 32, enters. Isles also has pulled back hair and a pants suit, but the top two buttons of her blouse are undone. Isles speaks.

ISLES: You’re working late.

RIZZOLI: (not looking up) Yep.

ISLES: So, do you ever have any fun?

RIZZOLI: Not in twenty years.

ISLES: That’s a long time.

RIZZOLI: Well, when you’re a fourteen year old girl whose first name is Rizzoli, you realize at a pretty young age that there’s more important things in life than having fun.

ISLES: I’m guessing kids made fun of your name.

RIZZOLI: (sarcastic) Ding, ding, ding. What does she win, Jimmy? (THEN, serious) Terrible names. Spazzoli, Fatzolli, and even Crabzolli. They said I had crabs! I was fourteen!

ISLES: Kids can be so cruel. But we’re not kids anymore, Rizzoli. We’re all grown up.

RIZZOLI: Great detective work, Isles. Can you bring that talent to the street tomorrow so we have a chance at catching a criminal? (THEN) Now can you please get out of here. I have a lot of work to do.

Isles walks back toward the door, but she doesn’t leave. She closes it and locks the door. Isles comes back towards Rizzoli’s desk. She stops and takes out the pin from her hair. It falls down on her face, but she throws is back with a sexy lurch.

RIZZOLI: (nervous) What are you doing?

ISLES: I think it’s about time you and I let our hair down.

Isles walks behind Rizzoli’s desk and starts massaging her neck. Rizzoli MOANS with pleasure.

RIZZOLI: (breathing hard) Stop. We’re at work.

ISLES: I don’t care. And I don’t think you do either.

Rizzoli spins around in her desk chair to face Isles. She takes the pin out of her hair and it falls on her face, but she quickly bucks back and it goes behind her again. They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment. Isles then moves closer and they share a deep, passionate kiss. Isles then reaches over and knocks all the papers off the desk.

RIZZOLI: You know I’ll have to clean those up later.

ISLES: You’ll be fine. You’re used to paper work.

They kiss again and then climb on to the desk and completely start lezzing out. It’s the coolest thing in the history of the world.





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