Brad Childress Photo Diary

25 08 2010

CCTTs “Officially Unofficial NFL Week” continues with some pictures Vikings head coach Brad Childress was nice enough to send over.

This is me attending what I thought was the ESPYS. It was actually some kid's bar mitzvah. I guess I should have realized that the ESPYS aren't held in Duluth, Minnesota.

This is me at a press conference asking journalists if they've ever heard of this, "Tarvaris Jackson guy." After the question they just looked at the ground or stared off into space. I found it confusing.

This is me trying to induce Brett to return by wearing shorts. I figured he'd think it was sexy. He didn't. It may have been a better idea to wear a pair of Wranglers, but I've never really liked the way I look in jeans.

This is me cocking my head to the side all crazy-like. I hoped this would make Brett realize that my suicide threats were very, very real. I don't think he saw this.

This is me trying to pump everyone up after explaining that Brett wasn't coming back and introducing Tarvaris Jackson to the team. It didn't work because they hate me.

This is me after finding out Brett was returning. After this I told Tarvaris Jackson he'd no longer be needed, but then one of my assistants told me it was pretty standard to have a back up plan. I hope and pray we don't need one.

So thanks to Coach Childress. We really enjoyed his pictures and wish him good luck in the coming season. Also, he mentioned that he’d been watching the very last scene from The Mighty Ducks over and over this summer. It’s where everyone loves Coach Bombay. I guess he pretended he was Gordon and that people cared about him. If we extend the metaphor we can conclude that Brett Favre is Adam Banks and Tarvaris Jackson is some sort of hybrid of Charlie Conway and Averman.




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