Too Soon, Grandma!

2 09 2010

When I was seven-years-old, my grandmother explained her Theory of the Universe to me. She believed that we had “all been here before” and that this was going to happen again and had happened before, and was going to happen again – an ever flowing back and forth. Basically, at the age of seven, my grandmother was asking me to grasp the early and basic concepts of the epic battle between the big bang and big crunch, the constant back and forth of our ever expanding and contracting Universe.

I’ve never really realized why she shared that with me, or what she hoped to teach me at such a young age by explaining a theory that could so quickly lead me to nihilism at an early age. Instead, I like to think she meant the message in the most beautiful of ways, rebirth. (But then again, it’s probable you’d just be brought back into the same shitty situation you’re in right now… Honestly, dude, you need to change some shit.)




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