Fall TV Preview: Betty White!

22 09 2010

Hollywood has been out of ideas since the second season of According to Jim. So, this Fall TV said, “Fuck it. Let’s put Betty White in everything.” America now has to sit back and take it.

Football Night in America

The NFL is wildly popular, which means that FNA would never get bad ratings. WIth that said, you can always be more popular. That’s why the producers of FNA are bringing in Betty White to join their already over-crowded highlight show. Expect Mrs. White to make a lot of jokes that relate Brett Favre’s old age to her own elderly situation. It will be sweet and hilarious. Enjoy!

Sons of Anarchy

What do you give a show about a California biker gang that has everything? You guessed it. Betty White


This may sounds strange, but Betty White will be joining the cast of Dexter this Fall. She’ll be playing Dexter’s long lost aunt who is also a serial killer, but who also tells sarcastic jokes so the audience likes her.

The Betty White Show

Conan is going to get screwed again. A month after his new show premieres TBS will announce that they are pushing him back to midnight and putting a Betty White chat show in its place. Also, this will mean that George Lopez will be pushed back to 4 in the morning, which will limit his audience to only the loneliest and drunkest members of society. TBS. Very funny.

Lone Star

Fox’s new show Lone Star did terribly on Monday. Network execs are struggling to find anyway to keep this sinking ship afloat. Their plan? Betty Fucking White. They’re putting her in the show and will figure out her role at a later date.

The Event

Surprisingly, The Event sucks ass. NBC has decided to change The Event. The event in The Event is now Betty White. And not her playing a character, just Betty White the person.




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