Todd’s Taste of the Town, Reviewed! Michigan State Edition

22 09 2010

Todd Blackledge is back for another installment of “Todd’s Taste of the Town”, and so are we! As many of you remember, last week we were a bit harsh on Todd due to him not taking a bite of the humongous burger, “The Thurmanator.” But Todd is no quitter, and no matter what his doctor said, he was going to come through big this week. He did not disappoint. We also got a brand-spanking new logo!

Todd's a big fan of the old Disney Channel Logo.

If you missed Todd’s taste of the town during the Notre Dame vs. MSU game, here is the youtube link:

For last week’s review as well as an explanation of our grading rubric, please refer to Week 1

Restaurant: The Golden Harvest in Lansing, MI

Dish: A breakfast burrito, biscuits and gravy (no clever name).

Todd dives right into the history. We learn the Golden Harvest has been around since the ‘50’s, and was bought by a couple in 2004. The husband works the grill, while the wife deals with the customers. The place serves breakfast, only takes cash, and there’s always a wait, so you know it must be good.

Of particular notice is the restaurants logo, seen below:

"Eat or Die, motherfucka."

A skull with a fork and knife as crossbones. This place is clearly stating that it will kill you, but you’ll like it. CCTT is down with it, and so is Todd.

Todd states their signature dish is biscuits with homemade gravy. We were stoked with that, but the former Nittany Lion quarterback audibled to add a breakfast burrito. It’s got eggs, sausage, pepper jack cheese, etc. The burrito’s conception is seen below:

"I tastin' good."

We then get a glimpse of preparation, in which the head chef dives in with his bare hands and gets all up in the burrito. Seriously, watch the video to see how up close and personal he gets with this thing. Refer to the picture below:

“I got my sweaty hands all up in yo’ shit.”

Grading time (each category is a max score of 25):

1. “Dive-ness / Hole in the Wallish” : 25. It only serves breakfast, only takes cash, and you have to wait outside in shitty cold weather to eat food prepared by workers that don’t wear gloves. If we believed in adding points, we would.

2. Heart-attack Likeliness – 20. Breakfast burritos are never healthy, and doctors advise against eating sour cream that early in the morning, especially a huge dollop that was most likely scooped by hand and shoved on top of it. But there was an orange on the side of the plate, most likely for decorative purposes, since you’d probably get stared at by the locals for eating it.

3. Signature Dish Name – 10. It’s a breakfast burrito, and is listed on the menu as such. Can’t they call it “Napalm in the Morning” or “Death for Breakfast”? Their logo is a skull and crossbones. No one is going there for their health.

4. Todd’s Reaction – 15. Todd was too busy trying to eat to give any sort of response. We would have loved a “tasty”, or “I love my job,” but after last week’s fiasco, we’re happy to see him take a bite.

Total Score: 70. After seeing this score, we may have to adjust the rubric to not give so much weigh to the Signature Dish Name. But we don’t make the rules, we only adhere to them.

"Dude, that's Todd Blackledge! And he's eating!"

Overall, solid TOTT. Mr. Blackledge, keep up the good work.

Love Taste of the Town? Hate it? Want to point out the Christmas Vacation reference we put in the post. Feel free to comment in the posts.




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