Todd’s Taste of the Town, MIA in Auburn, AL

29 09 2010

Did all that fried gravy do him in?

If you are any sort of American, you were watching the Prime time SEC game between South Carolina and Auburn this past Saturday night. And just like any God-fearing Patriot, you were eagerly awaiting Todd to shove some sort of fried product down his throat. Only that never happened. Todd’s Taste of the Town never came on!

I ran through a gamut of emotions: Did he forget? Did ESPN shut it down? Did CCTT Productions single-handedly kill a legitimate piece of Americana?! No, we were spreading the Good Word of Todd to all that would listen. Surely his disciples didn’t do this. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, TODD?!

As it turns out, Todd went to the Amsterdam Cafe in Auburn. ESPN claims that watching South Carolina pull an epic choke job to Auburn was “too exciting to turn away from”, so they never got a chance to switch over. Listen ESPN, the Gamecocks were created so they could lose like this. We get about three of those per year. But we need a new TOTT every week! Not buying ESPN’s excuse, you are about to hear my conspiracy theory. First, examine the Amsterdam’s Cafe website.

Notice anything strange about it? That’s right. It looks like a legitimate restaurant. They even have a reserve wine list for Chrissakes! Todd doesn’t do “houtie-toutie” (Does anyone know how to spell that word? I’ve honestly never seen it. People are probably too scared to spell. Not this guy though). Todd wants gravy, cheese, and fried meats. He wants a PBR that is served out of a corroded tap. Todd’s a Man. The Man. And then ESPN ships him off to some fancy pants restaurant. Todd reluctantly did it, then after a night of soul searching, used his right to refuse it to air. Todd, you’re a true hero.

"This guy looks like a real chef. Shoot me now."

Todd, we will give you another week, because Lord knows you deserve it after eating a decent entrée. God Speed.




One response

30 09 2010

Ha! Awesome post. I was def. wondering where the segment was myself. Oh..and War Damn Eagle!!!

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