Todd’s Taste of the Town, Redemption Edition! 10/2/10

12 10 2010

When I was first assigned the task of reviewing Todd’s Taste of the Town, I was naturally excited. I spent the past three years loving the segment and now my bosses here at CCTT were giving me the chance to cover it! But in it’s fourth year, TOTT has been lacking due to uninspiring restaurants and tame dishes. Imagine you grew up loving seasons 1-10 of The Simpsons, only to start reviewing when it went downhill in the 11th year. This is what I am going through.

Disenchanted, we nearly axed TOTT. But two weeks ago, ESPN sends me an email telling me I would definitely enjoy the Oklahoma v. Texas TOTT. “Nice try, ESPN,” I tell myself. “I’ve fallen for other huge media entities that send emails to our shitty website. Not again.”

But screw it. I have nothing else to do so I might as well watch this week’s game anyway. Let’s just say, Todd stood and delivered.


"Are you not entertained?!"


Venue: Texas State Fair

Dish: The Corny Dog (and any other fried food you can think of)

I knew I was in good hands when Todd appeared in front of a fried food stand at the fair. Fried foods are Todd’s “Packer Power Sweep.” When you’re in a rut, you go back to what works. The former QB Mr. Blackledge knows this.

We then get a fried food montage of Todd stuffing his face with chicken fried bacon, fried fritos, and fried guacamole. That’s right. Fried guacamole that he drenched in ranch. At one of my youth basketball coaching clinics, they tell you to give your kids, “Atta boy’s!” to raise their confidence. Just like I told one of my kids after he blocked some other kid’s shot against the gym wall, “Atta boy, Todd!”


"Am I making you proud, yet?"


Todd informs us that his main dish will be the “Corny Dog” (read: Corn dog). A corn dog is pretty standard… fair??? (Puns are free, kids!) So this wasn’t the best main dish I’ve seen. But Todd saves us by regaling us with the complete history and correct preparation of the Corny Dog.


(Insert some battered penis joke)


At this point I am letting Todd slide, but then he lands this whopper of a line on us:

“If you fry it, I’ll try it.”

BOOM. Taste of the Town is back! Todd threw down the gauntlet. Everyone with a deep fryer should be racking their brains figuring out what disgusting (yet delicious) food they can deep fry. The TOTT finale episode should either conclude with Todd refusing Fried Alfredo sauce or having a heart attack. Loyal viewers have come too far to not have a satisfying conclusion.

Grading time (each category is a max score of 25):
1. “Dive-ness / Hole in the Wallish” : 25. It’s a State Fair food stand. It’s the gold standard.
2. Heart-attack Likeliness – 25. There is a reason you can only eat this food at the fair. It will kill you to consume it more than once a year.
3. Signature Dish Name – 15. Corny Dog is a tame name, but even if you don’t give “Chicken Fried Sour Cream” a killer name, it’s still fried sour cream, and that’s ok with me.
4. Todd’s Reaction – 25. “If you fry it, I’ll try it.” It tells you what he’s about and it rhymes. That’s an ace in my book.
Total Score: 90. Well done, Todd. I did not see any gravy, but hopefully you snuck your own in. Pour yourself a glass of ranch dressing tonight. You earned it.


Todd Blackledge. A Man.


Love Todd’s Taste of the Town? Hate it? Disagree with the score? Discuss it in the comments below.




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