CCTT Interviews Coach Eric Taylor

27 10 2010

As the final season of Friday Night Lights begins today we thought it would be appropriate to call Dillon, Texas and ask to speak with Eric Taylor, the head football coach of East Dillon High.

Coach Taylor thinking

J: Coach, thanks for speaking with us today.

CT: My pleasure, Jeff.

J: Well, last season East Dillon struggled at first and took a while to find itself. Do you think it will be smooth sailing this year or do you think there will be some more dramatic bumps in the road?

CT: I mean, I hope it’s smooth sailin’, but when you’re dealing with young people there always seem to be some issues.

J: Issues like your wife advising an East Dillon student to have an abortion?

CT: Woah, woah. Hold on there, son. Don’t bring my wife into this.

Baby killer?

J: Sorry, Coach. How about your daughter, though. Four years ago she was a junior, then went back to being a sophomore, and now she’s s full chested young woman heading off to college. How do you think you’ll deal with her absence?

CT: Son, do you think it’s appropriate to discuss a young woman’s chest to her father?

J: Ehh, no.

Clear eyes, full chest, can't lose

CT: Good answer. Now, if you want to discuss Lions football then I’m happy to continue this conversation.

J: Okay. Vince Howard came on strong at the end of last season both as a player and a leader.

CT: I was darn proud of that kid.

J: So was I, but my real question involves his new relationship with Jess, who previously had jungle fever with Landry Clark. Do you think Vince will be able to balance the pressures of East Dillon football, a new love interest, and having a recovering addict mother?

CT: I don’t get involved in my player’s personal lives and unless they affect the team or place the individual at risk.

J: What about when you found out Saracen boned your daughter? You got involved then and made the already awkward Saracen feel that much more awkward, especially about the boning.

CT: You are pushing it, son. Pushing it.

J: Sorry. What about Tim Riggins? Are you going to visit him in jail and have a dramatic conversation where you some how relate high school football to Tim’s current predicament? Like, maybe you’d say, “Tim. Look at me. You were the toughest half back I ever coached. You got thrown down, you got back up. You’ll do it again.” Hmm?

CT: Now how the heck would I know that!?

J: Okay, sorry. One last question.

CT: Good.

J: Are you ready for Friday night?

CT: Yes.

CCTT wishes the East Dillon Lions good luck in their upcoming season. May it be full of dramatic comebacks, lack of focus on defensive tactics, and Tami Taylor’s cleavage. Below is a youtube video dedicated to Coach Taylor and, if you watch it, remember that its creator meant it to be taken very earnestly.




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