Todd’s Taste of the Town in Tuscaloosa! Ole Miss / Alabama Edition!

4 11 2010

BOOM! Back at you this week for another go round of Todd’s Taste of the Town!    Enough pleasantries, let’s get on to the main course!

GAME: Ole Miss at Alabama

VENUE: Nick’s Filet House aka Nick’s in the Sticks in Tuscaloosa, AL.

MEAL:  Bacon wrapped filet, fried gizzards, onion rings, baked potato. (No dish name)

We start off with a shot of a table that reads, “ESPN’s TODD BLACKLEDGE SAT HERE” (as seen below)


Is Todd getting money... under the table? Eh?!!!


This starts off a dangerous trend of vanity for our esteemed host.  Todd began as a humble restaurant reviewer, but his celebrity is now getting the better of him.  We here at CCTT are keeping track of him to make sure he doesn’t get too cocky.

We find ourselves in another cash only, hole-in-the-wall, thirteen table diner that doesn’t even use a sign for advertising. Good start.  Nick’s (est. 1939) aims to keep the old-school feel of the restaurant by not taking reservations and refusing to use one of those new-fangled cashier machines.  Get this… all their orders are written down by hand! (I don’t know why Todd emphasized this, but he seemed to think it was cool. At least everyone there can do basic math).

When we return from Ole Miss getting their ass handed to them, we find out that Nick’s cuts all their filets by hand, wraps them in bacon, then seasons the hell out of them.


TOTT loves the sweaty hands in the meat.


We then see onion rings, baked potatoes, and fried gizzards (thumbs up!)  Todd is now surrounded by food before he exclaims, “It’s time to roll Todd, roll.”  Nicely done, sir.


Deep Frying = American


Rating Time! (25 points per category).

Hole-in-the-wall / Dive-iness 25: There is no sign. It looks like a red box of a house. No machines, always a wait, cash only. Nick’s is the benchmark for this category.

Heart-Attack Inducingness: 22. Bacon-wrapped filets, onion rings, and fried gizzards are all incredibly unhealthy, plus they serve it with a combination ranch/bleu cheese dressing.  Have the doc on speed dial. Only reason it didn’t receive the perfect 25 is the absence of gravy.

Name of dish:  20.  We don’t get a clever name, but “Bacon-Fried Filet” is pretty good on its own. The menu is not online (another plus), so we don’t know if he has a pun-tastic name.

Todd’s Exclamation line 22:  “Roll Todd, Roll.”  That’s awesome, but also points to his earlier described vanity. We’ll see if this continues. Perhaps “Rock-chalk Todd-Hawk?”


No one can stop Todd Blackledge


Overall score:  89. Solid job by Nick’s in the Sticks. Until next week, Taste of the Towners!




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