11 11 2010

That’s right!  Todd Blackledge is back for another gut-wrenching installment of Todd’s Taste of the Town! Last week we noted that Todd’s ego might be growing out of control, but he held it in check for his visit in Knoxville. Let’s see where he went!

LOCATION: Knoxville, TN


DISH: Beef Brisket and George’s Competition Chicken

Todd is a sucker for old haunts that have been around since the 30’s and don’t use adding or credit card machines, which makes his choice this week a bit unorthodox. Dead End BBQ has been around for only a year, so despite the T.G.I.Fridays crap on the wall…

A stolen, vandalized street sign screams “atmosphere”

… It’s brand spankin’ new.  Dead End was founded by four drinking buddies who occasionally BBQed. The decision to start a restaurant was the brain child of a weekend gone horribly awry that cost two guys their wives, but the restaurant seems to be doing well.

When we come back from Alabama demoralizing the Volunteers (Take that, Dooley!), Todd lets us know he is getting the beef brisket and “Competition” chicken. That’s when this disturbing piece of imagery pops up.

What’s wrong with this picture? That’s right, Towners. He's wearing GLOVES!

GLOVES! Not in this web column. It was enough to make me spit up my McRib, and it’s only around for six glorious weeks a year.  You want gloves? Go to a fuckin’ Bennigans. I want that special sweaty hand seasoning! I didn’t even want to keep writing this but I have a duty, and I have to soldier on.

Todd gets his food and double-fists it to the dome. Definitely the highlight of the segment.

“I’m a man! I’m 40!”

Rating Time! (25 per category)

Hole-in-the-Wall / Dive-iness: 5. It’s brand new. They probably accept AMERICAN EXPRESS for Chrissakes. The sanitation grade is an A. Sorry, this is not TOTT material.

Heart Attack Likelihood: 10. It’s BBQ beef brisket and chicken. That’s a Lean Cuisine for a golden stomach like Todd’s.  Todd drinks a glass of gravy just to get to normal. It’s not a salad, but still not what we expect from TOTT.

Dish Name: 15 I am being generous here just because I find the name “Competition Chicken” hilarious. Going forward, I will hereby put the word “Competition” in front of whatever I make. “Get another helping of my Competition mac and cheese.”

Todd’s Line: 20. After telling us that the rule is you have to eat the chicken with your hands: “That rule suits me, to a T.”  I am partial to the letter T, so it gets high marks in my book. Plus he dug in with two hands.

Total Score: 50 out of 100. Our lowest score yet. Dead End, I’m sure you have delicious food, you’re just not a right fit for this segment. Come back in 50 years when you are obstinately disallowing the use of teleporters in your restaurant.

Until next week!  Here is a picture of a baby pig that gets eaten for your enjoyment.

Why put a statue of a baby pig in a BBQ restaurant?




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