Letters to the CCTT Editor

12 11 2010

Our large and devoted fanbase are always sending in their questions. Here are a couple we’ve received lately that our Trusty Editor felt were worthy of sharing.

Trusty Editor

Dear CCTT,

In your recent interview with Coach Eric Taylor you covered a wide variety of topics. One you didn’t cover, though, was his wife’s status as a MILF. What the fuck?

Pissed off Pete

Dear Pissed off Pete,

You are absolutely right and we apologize for such shoddy journalism. Coach Taylor’s wife is indeed a MILF or, for the lay person, a Mother I’d Like To Fuck. She’s hot, really hot. Fifth grade teacher who gives you your first boner hot. We should have asked Coach how he dealt with having such a hot wife, which could have then led to a question about why he didn’t punch Glenn, the nerdy science teacher, for kissing her. We can’t change the past, but we can post a picture of her staring into the sunset and thinking of you, Pissed off Pete.

Dear CCTT,

I’m an impressionable college student who cannot figure out Cooter Po-Po. Is it sexist? Is it brilliant? Is it stupid? Is it all three?

Confused at Colgate

Dear Confused,

It’s all three of those things plus racist. I’m pretty sure there’s some overt racism or racist subtext if you look hard enough. And if you’re so impressionable, why don’t you try this on for size. If Cooter Po-Po is brilliant, sexist, racist, and stupid then what does that say about its writer/director, Amos Brockington?


It says that he’s an American. Only in a land this free can one create something like Cooter, which can be enjoyed by the greatest and the least of its citizens. He’s an American and you’re an American. You both like stupid/brilliant/racist art. I’m British, though, and see Cooter for what it really is; two minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. I hope that answered your question.

Dear CCTT,

This Jeff guy, if he actually exists, seems to spend a lot time writing and thinking about MTV’s Jersey Shore. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, does he?

Thinking Jeff is Lame in Trenton

Dear Thinking,

He absolutely does not have a girlfriend and, judging from a lot of his posts, does not plan on getting one any time soon. He does go out on dates sometimes, though. He always tells me that they went well, but that on the next day when he texts the girl, “sup?”, she never responds.

Dear CCTT,

Your blog covers a wide variety of topics (sports, politics, entertainment, etc..), but none of you seem to have any true authority over the subjects. Would you consider yourselves dilettantes, then?

Big Words McGee

Dear Big Words,

If by dilettante you mean the video below, then your answer is a huge yes.




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