Chris T. at the Movies! 12/10 Edition

9 12 2010

Hello Fellow Film Lovers!

Congratulations to me on staying clean through my first two weeks back of movie reviewing!  It has not been easy, but the joy my critical film analysis brings to others is well worth turning down that line of ketamine. But enough about my personal triumph, off to the theatre!

This week I attended the premiere of the new Mark Wahlberg – Christian Bale vehicle, The Fighter. Following the viewing of the film in the bit too stuffy auditorium, I promptly posted up at the After-Party raw bar.  I ate shrimp for the next half hour before proceeding to the dessert buffet, when I ran into none other than Marky Mark himself!  I introduced myself as the head film critic of CCTT Productions, only to have that jokester act like he’d never heard of the website.  I then explained how we had actually met at the “I Heart Huckabees” premiere in Chapel Hill.  Still, he did not remember.

“Ok, Mark. Then do you recall who gave you the last of his Angel Dust that screening?” His face dropped and THEN he suddenly remembered. Mr. Wahlberg cozied up to me after that and we proceeded like old friends.  But after he found out I no longer did drugs or had any on me, he pardoned himself and that was the last I saw of him. I feel Mark Wahlberg plays a more convincing drug addict than his Entourage equivalent Vincent Chase ever did. Turtle is terrible enabler.

Real life Turtle and real life Vince!

The only other quasi-noteworthy event was running into Christian Bale in the bathroom. I was not in the mood to talk but figured I had to since it was my job. I asked him if he enjoyed losing a bunch of weight, putting it back on, then losing it again for his fluctuating film roles. His reply: “Not really.” I was pretty tired at that point and decided I didn’t want to follow up with another question. I saw Amy Adams at the valet but avoided eye contact.

All and all, a fairly productive evening. Now to my reviews of the newest releases!

THE FIGHTER – The Sucker.

THE TOURIST – The Suckist.

THE TEMPEST – The Suckest.

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER: The Chronicles of Sucks: The Voyage of the Suck Treader.

There you have it! Until next week… I’ll see you… at the Movies!




One response

13 01 2011
Valerie Leung

I liked Narnia! Aw Chris 😦

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