21 02 2011

Chip Beckman is the number one baby talent agent in Los Angeles. He knows a star baby when he sees it and conversely knows when a baby just doesn’t have what it takes. Chip tells it like it is and always makes sure that he comes out on top. He’s everything you’d expect of a baby talent agent and more. Enjoy!

EPISODE 1 – Chip Beckman Cares

Baby talent agent Chip Beckman shows us the true meaning of caring in the first episode of Baby Agent.

EPISODE 2 – Chip Beckman Negotiates

Baby talent Agent Chip Beckman negotiates for his star client, Gretchen Meyers.

EPISODE 3 – Chip Beckman on Age

Baby talent agent Chip Beckman shows his true colors when he’s forced to let go of his star client Gretchen Meyers.


The emotional and physical aftermath of Chip Beckman’s abuse when the parents of the babies tell us what they really think of Chip.


Paul Shaw as Chip Beckman

Hillary Banks as Mother

William Hill as Father

Neil Miller as Producer

And we’d like to give special thanks to Joe Makdisi our editor.




2 responses

23 02 2011
Chris Erb

Good shit, nice work guys!

24 02 2011

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