85 Year Old NC State Fan Refers to Wolfpack as “Bubble” Team

9 03 2011

Tarboro, North Carolina

According to sources close to CCTT retired Tarboro resident and long time NC State Wolfpack supporter Jerry Luxton is walking with a real bounce in step this week. While pacing up and down his kitchen Luxton declared that, “If we can get by Maryland on Thursday we have a strong shot at making the tournament. The Big Dance, you know. We’re still on that bubble!” Evidently Luxton is not aware that State’s only chance of making the field of 64 is winning the ACC tournament. Luxton said, “Beating a quality squad like Maryland would really open up the selection committee’s eyes. Heck, even if we lost a close one that should still count in our favor because the ACC is still the toughest darn conference in this whole nation.” He then added, “Also, the committee should take into account how well rounded are players are. I recently heard that C.J. Leslie is one heck of a poet. That should count for something!”

Luxton’s wife of sixty-two years, Mrs. June Luxton, told CCTT that she didn’t have the heart to correct her husband saying, “I think it’s sweet that he still believes so strongly in our squad. I wouldn’t dream of telling him we have no shot or that the ACC sucks complete ass.” Luxton’s son, Jerry Jr., was unaware of his father’s ‘bubble’ boasting and told CCTT that he’s now considering putting his father in a home. “It would be sad, of course, but if he actually believes State has a shot to make the tourney then he’s most likely not able to care of himself anymore. Actually, I considered it last year when he told me that Sidney Lowe was doing a fine job and just needed more time. ”


* CCTT has long been known to support equal rights for State fans, but felt it necessary to report this story. State fans, even elderly ones, should be subject to ridicule whenever possible. *




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