Skip Prosser Not Looking Down on Team From Heaven

10 03 2011

Former Wake Forest Men’s Basketball coach Skip Prosser told CCTT yesterday that he will absolutely not be looking down from Heaven to watch Wake Forest play Boston College at 2 PM. “No. Absolutely not. I have much better things to do.” He then went on to say that, “even if our squad was better this year I still wouldn’t watch. The Big East is the superior conference and has the more competitive tournament. I have an eternity to watch Wake Forest basketball, but this year’s Big East tournament should be absolutely fantastic.”

Prosser was then asked if he’d seen any games this season and he gave what could be considered a shocking response. “To be honest with you, Lately I’ve tried not to talk about that whole thing (coaching Wake Forest) too much. If someone brings it up I usually change the subject quickly. For example, the other day I was talking X’s and O’s with John Wooden. He seemed impressed with my knowledge and asked me if I’d ever coached before. I kind of hesitated and muttered something about having to go to the bathroom, which was really stupid because people don’t go to the bathroom in Heaven. But I suppose that was better than telling him I last coached at Wake Forest and then having Coach Wooden recall our current record and say, “Oh.”

Prosser is not completely embarrassed about Wake Forest, but still has no plans to watch the game. “I had some great times there. We had some good teams and won some great games. I loved the players, the assistant coaches, and the students. It’s just that we’re really, really bad this year in a down ACC. That doesn’t seem exciting to me. What’s the point of being in Heaven if you have to sit through Wake Forest and Boston College while Syracuse and St. Johns are playing. Frankly, I’d rather be you know where than watch another Wake game this season.”





One response

10 03 2011

ha, nice interview with Skip. almost anything is better than Wake basketball right now.

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