Dude With 42 Twitter Followers Has Thoughts on Bin Laden

1 05 2011

CCTT has finally been able to get into touch with Joe Simpson, 27, of Des Moines, Iowa. Joe Simpson has 42 Twitter followers and at 11:15 EST tweeted, “Boom Shaka Laka! Obama 1. Osama zero. #He’sOnFire!”

CCTT: Thanks for speaking with us during this wild time, Joe.

Joe: The pleasure is all mine.

CCTT: We noticed you referenced NBA Jam in your tweet. Any specific reason?

Joe: Well for me, and if you don’t mind me speaking for my generation–

CCTT: We don’t.

Joe: Appreciated. Yeah, well NBA Jam has always represented the American Dream for me and my generation and it only seems appropriate to reference it in one our finest hours.

CCTT: That’s interesting. Did you ever think that referencing NBA Jam would seem too casual for a moment this significant?

Joe: Yes and no. Originally, I considered photo shopping the Madden ’12 cover with  a picture of Osama bin Laden instead Peyton Hillis.

CCTT: What?

Joe: Are you familiar with the Madden curse?

CCTT: Oh. Oh. Yes. Holy shit.

Joe: Yeah.

CCTT: Yeah.

Joe: It would have been a joke on that. Like, uh, if you mess with America this is what happens. It will end bad for you. That kind of thing.

CCTT: I’m with you. That’s not bad at all.

Joe: Thanks.

CCTT: Why didn’t you just do that?

Joe: Time. In the end it would have taken too long to photo shop that picture and I really needed to get my thoughts out there as quick as possible.

CCTT: But you only have 42 followers? Aren’t they getting similar thoughts from other, more credible sources? And aren’t all their friends on Facebook and Twitter pretty much doing the same thing. Tweets and status updates like “Got em’!” and “Good riddance.” Stuff like that.

Joe: True, true. But mine’s slightly different.

CCTT: Yeah, but is really that different? Besides the NBA Jam reference?

Joe: The NBA Jam thing is what makes it a ‘Joe.” Anyone can say “God Bless America” or “Freedom ain’t free. Suck it Bin Laden.” Did you pick up on the last bit of my tweet?

CCTT: “#He’sOnFire!”?

Joe: Yep. Do you get it?

CCTT: Yeah. I guess you meant Bin Laden’s burning in hell and you also think that Obama made a really fine speech.

Joe: Exactly. Double entendre. Say it.


Joe: Say it.


Joe; This interviews over.

Thanks again to Joe.




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