Progressively Sadder Tweets From Bobcats Draftee Bismack Biyombo

23 06 2011

At the 2011 NBA Draft the Charlotte Bobcats used their top pick to select Congolese super-athlete Bismack Biyombo. The “18 year old” was just as excited as one would expect an 18 year old who just found out he was leaving central Africa for America to be. Unfortunately, his tweets indicated that his happiness waned as he found out more about the Bobcats and the state of sports in North Carolina. Here are some tweets from @LargeBiyomboBasketball

“SUper pumped ups to be playing for those Charlotte Bobcats next season. Who could be better to be owned by than Air Jordan! #NBA”

“More greatest news! Bobcats got Corey Maggette in trading. He going to be thrilling and generous teammate! #NBA”

“Kwame Brown good mentors to me. He also top NBA pick and have long arms! #NBA”

“Just found out Charlotte have pro American Football Team. The Panthers! I already think they are great team with brightest future. #NBA”

“ANd Race Car Champion Hall in Charlotte as well! I always wanted to see car! Vroom! #NBA”

“Whoopsies! Founds out that Racing car fans no like black peoples. Oh well! Still super thriling to be in NBA! #NBA”

“Been told dat Panthers our terrible. And won’t be any goods any time soon. That okay cause heard that there is a college team called Tars Heel that also play American Football. #NBA”

“Oh no! Tar Heel American Football players no write papers and no pay car tickets. SMHing (doing that right?) #NBA”

“More ungreat learnings. Corey Maggette no like to pass ball and thought of as bad attitude guy. Maybe Biyombo can help his meanness. #NBA”

“Curse! COrey Maggette no want Biyombo help! ‘RT @CMagette take your possitive attitude back to africa you dumb fuck. Your job is to get me the ball and watch as I attempt to get fouled.’ #NBA”

“Still glad I got the greatest of all times the Air Jordan to help me out! #NBA”

“Peeps been telling me that Air Jordan not greatest all time manager and owner and that he mostly play thing called golf. #NBA”

“ONe person tell me that Air Jordan after basketball name should be ‘Air Shit.” That mean and prob not write. Air Jordan picked Kwame Brown for Washington! #NBA”

“Looked up Kwame Brown on thing call wikipedia. It not too good, mans. Maybe he get better soon. #NBA”

“Curse! RT ‘@SwamiBrown I have not and will not improve.’ Me feeling sads now. #NBA”

“Learn dat Bobcats get no fans come to games and will be in re-doing process for many moons. THinking bout staying in Congo. Civil War sound better than Bobcats. SMHing. #NBA”

Yeah, we don’t blame you Bismack. Here’s some tribute video some loser Bobcats fan made for Biyombo.




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