Chris T’s Entourage Cameo

7 07 2011

Hello Everyone!  This a tad embarrassing, but I have a cameo in the final season of Entourage, which begins airing on HBO on July 24th.  It was supposed to remain a secret until the episode aired, but my scene leaked onto the internet.  Anyway, in the interest of staying ahead of the story, I just thought I’d give y’all a sneak peek.  It was a great day on set, and the cast and crew were just fantastic. Thanks so much to Doug Ellin for thinking of me for this spot.  I’m a huge fan of the show and I can already tell this is going to be a terrific final season.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did filming it.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!


VINCE, TURTLE, E, and DRAMA sit together in a crowded hot spot drinking cocktails and wearing sunglasses. Hot girls are everywhere. It’s the coolest fucking thing in the entire fucking world.

TURTLE: (clearly stoned) So are you seriously giving up weed, Drama?

DRAMA: Unlike you, I’ve got a career to worry about.

TURTLE: You’ve got a bit part as a Mafia hit-man in the next Scorcese movie, that’s hardly a career. And Vince is way more successful than you and he smokes all the time.

DRAMA: I’m a method actor now, Turtle. If my character doesn’t smoke, I don’t smoke. Vince and I have different techniques. No offense, bro.

VINCE: (not really paying attention) None taken, Johnny. Are you guys going to order any food? I’m starting to get hungry.

DRAMA: None for me, bro. Everything on this menu is heavy on the carbs.

E: Since when did Mafia hit-men avoid carbs? When they’re not killing people don’t they just sit around and eat pasta?

Everyone laughs except Drama.

DRAMA: That’s right. Laugh it up now, guys. I’ll be the one laughing my way to the Academy Awards.

E: What award? Best supporting actor who supports supporting actors?

TURTLE: The jock strap award!

Everyone laughs again, even Drama does a bit. Eric and Turtle fist bump. They chill out and check their menus. Silence for a bit until…

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: (O.S.) (a deep, soothing voice) Table for two. Tergliafera.

Drama puts his menu down, perks up, and looks to the right.

DRAMA: Holy shit! Did you guys hear that?

TURTLE: I heard some deep ass voice over by the hostess table. So what?

DRAMA: So what!? That’s Chris T. King of V.O.!

TURTLE: What’s ‘V.O.?’

DRAMA: Jesus Christ, Turtle. Voice over acting. This guy’s the main fucking man when it comes to V.O. these days. All the big movie trailers, State Farm Insurance, he even does Clipper games pro-bono. It’s like if Don LaFontaine and Morgan Freeman had a baby. (THEN) Vince, you know him, right? Call him over.

VINCE: (stands up) Yo, T!

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA acknowledges with one of the finer ‘hold on a second motion.’ He finishes speaking to the hostess and walks over to the entourage’s table. He has a girl on his arm that looks like MARISSA MILLER, but we can’t really tell because she’s wearing large sunglasses.

VINCE:  (Standing up) Chris. How you been?

They bro hug.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: (in that sweet, sweet voice) Good man. Real good. Yourself?

VINCE: Not bad. You remember my manager Eric Murphy. You two met at last fall’s big premiere.

Eric stands up and shakes hands with Chris.

E: I don’t know how he couldn’t remember me, Vince. I kept on trying to sign him.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Ha-ha! That’s right. Obviously I was flattered, but I’ve got a really strong team supporting me. (THEN) Oh, y’all know my fiance. Super model Marissa Miller?

Marissa takes off her glasses.


VINCE: Good for you, Marissa. You finally ditched that zero and got with a hero.

MARISSA MILLER: (kisses Chris on the cheek) He’s my knight in shining armor.

E: I bet. He probably gives the phrase ‘whispering sweet nothings’ a whole new meaning.

MARISSA MILLER: (squeezing Chris’ hand) He certainly does.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: All right, guys. Well we’re going to eat, but it was great catching up with you two. Maybe we can hit the links some time.

VINCE: That would be great, but now that you’re engaged to Marissa Miller I’m sure your golfing days are over.

Everyone laughs.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Catch you guys later.

Drama coughs very loudly.

VINCE: Oh, Chris T., this is my brother Johnny Chase.

DRAMA: (meek) Nice to meet you, Chris T.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Oh, I didn’t see you down there.

DRAMA: Well, you know, I didn’t want to make a scene. I’m just a big fan. You’re humble beginnings in North Carolina, moving to LA, really working on your craft, and then just hitting the big time. It’s a really inspiring story.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Well thanks very much, Drama.

DRAMA: Drama?

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Ha-ha. We’ve actually met before.

DRAMA: (embarrassed) Oh. Uh, when?

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: I was a production assistant on that Ed Burns show you did.

DRAMA: Oh, oh. Yeah, I remember you now.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Yeah, I was that annoying PA who always asked actors questions about how they worked on their readings and techniques they used to improve themselves.

DRAMA: Right. I wasn’t a dick to you or anything?

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Well, you did throw a coffee on me one time, but I suppose I did deserve it.

DRAMA: (groveling) Bro, I mean Chris. I was smoking a lot weed back then. I’ve quit now, though. I’m very sorry. And you too, Marissa. I had a lot of problems back then and I never meant to be mean to your man. I feel terrible.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: That’s okay, Drama. I forgive you.

DRAMA: Thank you. That’s the kind of generosity that’s gotten you so much respect in the biz.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: You’re welcome, but it’s really unnecessary.

DRAMA: Unneccessary?

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: I made that story up!

Everyone cracks up, especially super model Marissa Miller. Drama is shocked.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: No, Drama. You were great. You gave me some great advice and told me to work hard and follow my dreams. I never forgot that. Give me some love.

Drama still stunned stands up and they bro hug. Drama sits back down.


TURTLE: Well I’m still not that impressed with you.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: And who might you be?

TURTLE: I’m Turtle. Vince’s guy.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Oh, I think I heard about you. Don’t you just sit around and smoke pot all day in your pajamas?

TURTLE: Don’t you just sit around all day in your PJs and talk into a microphone? Don’t seem that different to me.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: Well there’s one main difference, Turtle. I get paid.

Everyone cracks up, even Turtle, who stands up and bro fives with T.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: But seriously, we’ve got to eat. See y’all around.

Chris and Marissa walk off. He stops, but she continues. He turns back around to their table.

CHRIS TERGLIAFERA: And Turtle, there’s one more difference. I’m fucking a supermodel.  Later.

Chris walks off.

DRAMA: See? I told you he was the king.





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