Greek Basketball Fans Storm Streets To Celebrate Breakdown in NBA Labor Talks

5 10 2011

When a nation is down on its luck due to economic hardship, social unrest, or military conflict that state’s people often turn to sports for solace. The people of Greece are no different. Or are they? Usually, citizens unite under their own preferred professional teams or various national teams. Examples of these instances are plentiful: New Orleans rallying behind the Saints, America’s brief and unrequited love affair with women’s soccer this past summer, and that time Detroit was supposed to feel better about itself when they hosted the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four. But Greece has taken an international route to soothe their domestic woe. Once news broke yesterday of the NBA’s cancelled preseason Greek citizens took to the streets to celebrate the slim chance that some of America’s star basketball players could be heading their way sooner than later. Here are four pictures from the day’s events.

The day began peacefully enough with Greeks gathering together to chant, “MVP, MVP, MVP.” It’s still unclear whether they were referring to themselves as “MVPs” or if it was just something they’d seen Americans do on TV and felt that it was appropriate.

Things began to get testy later in the day when this lone AEK Athens fan refused to move from his spot until he received confirmation that Dwyane Wade would be playing for his club. The man also insisted on calling him “Dwyade” instead of the preferred “D-Wade.” And yes, if you were wondering, he did chant “Dwyade, Dwyade, Dwyade, Dwyade, We want Dwyade!” That’s why the cops became involved.

Unfortunately things kept getting worse as the day wore on. This young man was dragged off to jail because he kept claiming that LeBron James’ inconsistent three-point shooting meant that his game wouldn’t at all translate to European basketball.

Thankfully the day turned out fine. Meet Kobe, the steely eyed mutt whose become a symbol of hope for all the unemployed basketball loving Greeks.

We here at CCTT applaud our Greek brothers for not giving up the fight and learning to see that meaningless sporting events can make us all feel better about our pathetic lives. And speaking of pathetic lives, what was up with those American women soccer players making us all look like idiots? I watched three of their games! Yes, three women’s soccer matches because I knew that their World Cup victory would validate my entire shabby existence. Never again. Ugh. I hope Hope Solo loses in Dancing With The Stars. Or we get a nip-slip. Either she loses or we get a Hope Solo nip-slip. I’m good either way. Later.




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