On the shores of Mount Olympus there stood a kingly man of regal claim.  With him stood his two sons, a chicken and a goat-man.  On the third day this king, these princes, the chicken and goat man sang songs of the olden days and drank on the thoughts of winter and the regalia of lost loves.  Their revelry led to a sensual festival of love that spanned three continents until they were swallowed by the Heavens themselves. But on the ninth day of their leaving a baby was born unto the world with a message of hope from the three men, chicken and goat creature.  The child cried for three hundred years, and on the last of the 109,500 continuous days of crying, the child broke to speak its name.  It was then he spoke with a most clear and resounding tone and proclaimed himself CCTT Productions.


In the annuals of history there are records and stories kept of exceptional men that have driven our society to reach new levels of greatness. Plateaus of perfection.  Heights of heroics.  The stories told here are the complete opposite of that greatness, perfection, and anything warranting heroics.




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21 09 2010

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