Jersey Shore, Season 4, Episode 11

13 10 2011

Considering the state of the world, recapping Jersey Shore quotes may seem vapid. But what if it isn’t? Yes, people are occupying Wall Street, but what happens when it’s all over and they’ve changed our country for the better? What will they come home to? Since I’m not brave enough to fight in the streets I’m left with only one recourse.

The Episode

– “I’m really shy! I gotta dildo today!” Strange Girl at the club. It’s important to note that this young dildo lady’s face was not blurred, which means she signed a waiver agreeing to appear on the show. That means that she wanted the world (or about 7 million viewers) to know that she bought a dildo. That’s totally weird. My roommate gave me his old nose hair trimmer yesterday, but that’s weird and not something I’d ever tell anyone.

– “If I don’t fuck her I ruin the friendship. Welcome to my world.” Pauly D. Seinfeld’s got some competition!

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