Jersey Shore, Season 4, Episode 10

6 10 2011

Before we begin I’d like to discuss the 800 pound juicehead-gorilla in the room: Steve Job’s death. I didn’t know ┬áSteve Jobs and I don’t use a Mac laptop. I do, though, put an 8GB black i-pod to daily use. It was given to me by my father Easter weekend 2007 and everyday since then I’ve used it for at least some period of time. And I’m obviously excluding the weekend I left it in a friend’s apartment and that month I thought it was lost only to later find it under a couch. This tiny black marvel has borne my impatient and constant shuffling, my sweat, and my love for Widespread Panic. It’s fallen on the ground, felt the weight of my ass on countless occasions, and was even dropped in the toilet; it’s a weathered soldier. Naturally it can no longer hold a charge longer than an hour and the menu button is unresponsive, but it still works dammit. Thanks for everything, Steve.

The Episode

– “Crazy pants! You’re crazy pants!” Snooki on how Situation’s crazy pants for continually perpetuating the rumor that she felated him. I still believe Sitch on this one. Most girls I know would definitely come up with harsher words than “crazy pants” if a dude kept saying she felated him. Maybe Snooki’s cavalier attitude toward oral sex derives from the sexually charged atmosphere of club life, but I doubt it. She probably felt that she just needed to say something and “crazy pants” was the fastest way to feign indignation.

– “I’m tired of being Mr. Nice.” The Situation. I wish he’d said “Mr. Nice Guy” instead so I could reference the song below. “He classy, Big Will just get another 20 mil, walk right past E.” Burn.

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