Jersey Shore, Season 4, Episode 11

20 10 2011

Will The Situation actually not go to The Shore? Does anyone care? Do I? Answers to these questions and more on the upcoming recap of Jersey Shore.

The Episode

– “I feel like Mike, he’s like making this house on edge. Nobody ever confronts him about it so I feel like if Ron like talked to him it would like snap him out of it a little bit.” Sammi on The Situation’s house to the edge making. I guess she doesn’t remember that time Snooki threw a champagne bottle at him, or the time Deena threw a spatula at him, or that time her boyfriend and Sitch got into a brawl that led to The Situation getting a concussion. A Sitchcussion, to the lay person.

– “Between you and me, I feel like the villain.” The Situation to Ronnie. A great title for The Situation’s memoirs.

– “I only want a couple of bridges. I don’t want all of them, dawg.” The Situation on even though he’s the bad guy right now, he still doesn’t feel the need to apologize to everyone he’s wronged. That’s a great fucking quote and I imagine that it’s how he actually feels. He’s the star of the show and he knows it and so long as he’s got one or two guys to at least talk to him he’ll be totally fine. Also, it’s pretty clear that Situation is modelling himself after Dylan McKay. And why not? They’re both rich, both on TV, and both 10 to 15 years older than their fellow cast mates. Watch this whole clip, but especially from 1:18 onward. May the bridges we all burn the light the way.

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